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Success Stories

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and say thank you for all that you have done for me and to give you an update on what exactly has transpired since we met those many months ago at Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches. I would also like to give you a little background as to how I wound up needing the treatments which you were kind enough to make possible for me and what a tremendous success story it has been in my life.

My traumatic brain injury was sustained when my Army National Guard unit came under attack while on duty as an Intelligence Officer in eastern Afghanistan in 2009. Afterward, I was evacuated to a hospital in Germany where I underwent a series of treatments and therapies to help me recover and return me back to health. While the treatment I received at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center helped me return to duty, I never fully recovered and upon return from my tour in Afghanistan I continued to have chronic issues associated with my injuries.

Prior to my traumatic brain injury, I was an airline pilot with Delta Airlines and flew as an international pilot flying the B-747 for the past eighteen years. Because of my injury the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) deemed me a high risk for incapacitation and denied my qualification for a 10 Class Medical certificate which all pilots must possess in order to fly. Their decision left me with no recourse other than to medically retire and give up my occupation and seek other employment. After undergoing over four years of various treatments, I was at a standstill as to what to do as I was having no success with any particular treatment. During this time I was made aware by my closest friend of the possibility of successful treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, but was having no success in convincing the Veteran's Administration doctors that the treatment would work for me so I was continually rebuffed when asked if I could attempt treatment. Only after I contacted Connie Governale at Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches was I told that because of my situation I was eligible for treatment at the clinic and that I could receive therapy at no cost to myself whatsoever. You can imagine my joy at learning this as I was quite desperate to be healed and to return to the life that I previously lived so many years ago.

Since our meeting in July, I completed the initial protocol of forty Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments as well as an additional twenty follow on treatments at higher pressure with wonderful success and have since fully recovered from my chronic headaches and loss of consciousness episodes associated with my brain injury.

After completing the three months of treatments at the clinic in Delray Beach, I was directed by the FAA to complete further cognitive testing to determine if I was in good enough condition to return to flying and I passed with flying colors. This allowed me to retake my 1' Class FAA Medical examination, which I also passed, and allowed me to return to work as a pilot at Delta Airlines.

Mrs. Bryant, you cannot imagine the feelings of joy and happiness which I have after having been in such turmoil these past four years and the gratefulness which I hold in my heart to those such as you who made it possible for me to be treated. Words will never be able to convey my gratitude and thanks for the financial sacrifice you made so that others may be healed. Generosity is a trait which is uncommon in this day and age, especially to those we do not know, and it is because of your help that I am able to continue my life as it was before. I know that in reality it will never be like it was as I hold a much deeper appreciation for the life I now have thanks to what you have done for me. Please know that no matter what, you have made an amazing impact on the life of one soldier who appreciates you and thanks God for your kindness to others. I firmly believe that God puts people in our lives at different times and different places to help us along our way and I am most certain that He put you in my life at a time when I needed it most.

Thank you again and may God bless you and your family.

Jeff McElhaney
Major, Army National Guard

Testimonial from Javier and Karla Gomez
After two tours of duty in Iraq as a Sniper, I was promoted to Recruiter. While the transition from sniper to recruiter is a natural military progression, for me it coincided with the significant worsening of my PTS symptoms. My depression, anxiety and paranoia became so severe that I actually was a physical threat to myself. So much so that the state wanted to Baker Act me.

The Veterans Administration (VA) wanted to send me to a state hospital, but I pleaded with the judge to give me the opportunity to seek additional treatment on my own. It was at a group therapy session someone suggested I try hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). My wife and I did some research and applied to the HOW Foundation for funds to cover 40 HBOT treatments. I am so incredibly thankful that they approved my request and funded my treatment.

Since I underwent hyperbaric treatment I am so much less foggy and more clear minded. My conversations are more fluid and I wake up with more energy. My hygiene has also improved: I wake up early every morning and shower, get dressed and have breakfast with my wife. I am taking better care of myself because, for the first time in a long time, I care about myself. Although I am still on anti-depressants, I now supplement them with vitamins and I am also doing yoga on a regular basis to help my overall health. My wife Karla and I firmly believe that I am currently experiencing a much better quality of life. I also believe that I needed the boost of the hyperbaric treatments to get me back on track – it is only because of them that I had the energy to reclaim my life and my health.

Javier and Karla Gomez

- Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Patient Testimonials...
Radiation treatment for an oral tumor left me with a non healing cavity in my mouth. My doctor suggested Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Thanks to the wonderful care given to me at the Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches, the cavity has healed an I feel like a new man...Thanks again!

Robert N.

To our girls,
From the moment we walked through your doors we knew our lives would be changed forever. Each of you has let us into your hearts and been there to share in Sammy’s accomplishments. Coming everyday never felt like therapy- it was going to be with the family ( the ones you like. ) Jake and I know these treatments bridged the gap for Sammy. They brought him back to us. There will never be enough thank- you’s we can say. We promise to always share all of our wonderful memories to come with all of you.

The four of you are – Our Heroes !

Forever our love,
Jake , Jill, Stella, and Sammy
Like Sammy says-
“ I want my spaceship”

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996. Since that time I have tried traditional medicinal therapies, homeopathy, accupuncture, MS diets, nutritional therapies, NAET, NET, vitamins, herbals, physical therapy and chelation. I'd like to think that some of these treatments have stalled the progression of the disease and perhaps have improved my symptoms. But the only treatment that I know to have been successful so far has been hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It has without a doubt improved my energy levels and physical functions and has reversed my decline. Trunk numbness and tightness has retreated. My husband, friends and family have noticed and are at times shocked at my improvements. I, however, am simply extraordinarily grateful and feeling verpy ositive about the future!

Michelle S.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000. Since then I have tried far too many traditional MS medications and alternative therapies to even list. I was horribly allergic to every one of the medications and have spent numerous nights in the ER because of allergic reactions. I came to the Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches in a state of desperation. The wonderful staff that work there instantly made me feel comfortable and safe. HBO is the first thing that I have tried that has been beneficial for me. My family and I are amazed with the results that we have seen. My bladder problems have decreased to where I am actually able to sleep at night. My energy level has substantially increased and I now have an overall well being that I have not felt in years. I am so thankful to have found Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the wonderful doctors and staff at Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches. I am now excited to see what my future holds!

Stella Z.

An autistic boy receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Trevor was a happy, bright boy until he received his 12 month shots, and by 14 months, he was nonverbal and in a world of his own.  By 3 years old, his evaluations put him at 12-18 months, a substantial delay.  Desperate, I took him for HBOT because I had heard it helped children with autism.  After the 6th treatment, he picked up a ball I had bought him (and which he had no idea how to play with), began bouncing it, and said, “I am playing basketball.”  I knew he was still in there.

Now, at 7, Trevor is at grade level in school, and although he is still delayed in several areas, he continues to move forward.  We credit HBOT, dietary changes, and chelation for his movement from profound autism to high functioning.  We are most grateful for the high standard of care he receives here.  We will continue to come from Ohio to Delray to take advantage of these invaluable services.

Sondra, Trevor's mom

A boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury

"Alex" suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury at 6 weeks of age. It had left him with 45% brain damage, Grand Mal Seizures, Left sided Hemi-paresis, Strabismus, Microcephaly, Craniosynotosis, Developmental Delays, Speech Impairment as well Cognitive and Physical delays. The Doctors diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy. By the age of 2, Alex was virtually a vegetable. He could not sit up unsupported or swallow anything but liquid food.

Just after his 2nd Birthday, Alex started receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The child that the Doctors had once told me would never walk, talk or know who I was has made a tremendous progress. Currently by the age of 9, Alex not only walks independently, he runs! He also talks in short phrases, rides a bike and a scooter, swims independently, eats lots of meatballs, and shoots a basketball in a 10 foot hoop! Alex had also gone 6 years without a Grand Mal Seizure without medication.

Alex is currently receiving HBO treatments periodically. We would like to keep him seizure free without medication and increase his cognitive skills. Alex has made miraculous progress that I do not believe he would have made without HBO. It is something that we truly believe "woke up" our handsome little boy. We Thank Connie, Ann and the "Crew" for all their help and support in our journey towards Alex's health and well being.

Love Always,
Alex's Mom

Connie, Gordon, and Anne
(l. to r.) Connie, Gordon, Anne

In Loving Memory of Gordon S. Macklin
our friend & patient
Founder & Past President of NASDAQ