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Helpful Links
Florida First
Senior Home Care
561-266-3558 http://floridafirstseniorhomecare.com
Heads Up CTE 864.593.4118. http://www.HeadsUpCTE.com
Rehabilitation and Treatment for TBI www.brainandspinalcord.org/Treatment-rehab-tbi/index.html
Angel Flight  800-FLA-HALO www.angelflightamerica.org
Arthritis Foundation 800-568-4045 www.arthritis.org
American Autoimmune 586-776-3900 www.aarda.org
Related Diseases Association 800-598-4668
American College of Hyperbaric Medicine www.hyperbaricmedicine.org
Autism Society of America 301-657-0881 www.autism-society.org
Best Publishing www.bestpub.com
Brain Injury www.braininjury.com
Brain Injury ResourceFoundation www.birf.info
Celiac Sprue Association/ United States of America, Inc 402-558-0600 www.csaceliacs.org
Cerebral Palsy Magazine  www.cerebralpalsymagazine.com
Clearinghouse on Disability Information – Special Education & Rehabilitation Services Communications & customer Service Team
202-245-7307 www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers
Gluten-Intolerance Group 206-246-6652 www.gluten.net
International Child Development Resource Center 321-953-0278 www.icdrc.org
International Hyperbaric Medicine Association www.hyperbaricmedicalassociation.org
International Stroke Support & Information Website www.strokenetwork.org
Lyme Disease Association, Inc.  www.lymediseaseassociation.org
Lyme Disease Network of New Jersey www.lymenet.org
Lyme Disease Foundation 860-870-0070
Make a Wish Foundation of America 602-279-WISH    800-722-WISH www.wish.org
Miracle Flights for Kids 702-261-0494 www.miracleflights.org
MUMS – National Parent to Parent Network 877-336-5333 www.netnet.net/mums
National Institute of Arthritis    & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases 301-496-8190 www.niams.nih.gov
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke www.ninds.nih.gov
National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) 203-744-0100 www.rarediseases.org
National Stroke Association 800-STROKES www.stroke.org
The Divers Alert Network www.diversalertnetwork.org
United Cerebral Palsy    Association 800-872-5827 www.ucpa.org
Undersea and Hyperbaric    Medical Society (UHMS) www.uhms.org
U.S. National Library of Medicine www.nlm.nih.gov